Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the news!

I LOVE to hear all the different ways Scentsy gets in the news! From Scentsy's growth to their generous donations! Today I read one of my favorites. It is from the Huffington Post!

Don't Let Your Dog Get Spooked! Tips For a Fun and Safe 'Howloween'

by: Wendy Diamond
"Fire Safety. Whether you are going as an Angry Bird, a plane or SuperMan, beware of loose and draping fabric, like capes. With lit candles burning in pumpkins, make sure there is nothing on your pup that could get caught. Keep an eye on your pet and your surroundings to make sure your pet is safe. Set an example by replacing your candles with a Scentsy Candle that are fire free! These great candles melt wax with a lightbulb and produce an amazing smell. They are a Halloween staple for safety-minded pet parents."

Yeah Scentsy! I have heard many people talk about pet safety! I had a customer who had cats! Of course they came with a smell! She had Scented candles to mask the smell but the cats would burn themselves by batting at the flame! She fell in love with Scentsy as there was no attraction for her cats! 
I LOVE animals and will always have animals in my home. But I don't want my house to smell like them! Just another of the many reasons to love Scentsy! :)


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