Friday, May 20, 2011

Scentsy Spring

I took my girls (who aren't in school - so sad for big Sis!) to Gilcrease Farms to take pictures in the orchards and then to pick some yummy veggies this morning! 
Pictures, not so successful:
As I got home with a huge bag of veggies and the sun shining through the windows, it really felt like spring! I was loving it! To add to the mood I put Shades of Green in my Scentsy warmers down stairs. It is so clean and so yummy! 
One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Scentsy scents is Fresh Cut Grass, but sadly it is discontinued (although it did get voted back for Bring Back My Bar last January and yes I stocked up!). When they came out with Shades of Green I was so excited because it really reminds me of Fresh Cut Grass mixed with Coconut Lemongrass, which is another personal favorite!
So right now, I am loving the beautiful weather, the fresh veggies, and the yummy clean smell in my house! So if you haven't tried Shades of Green...I highly recommend it! Let me know if you need some Spring "scent" your way!


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