Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Time!!!

I am like a ask me my favorite season and I will say "Summer! Because there is NO SCHOOL!!!" I love that I can turn all my alarms off! We can hang out in our jammies all day (which I may be doing today) or by the pool! I LOVE it! My kids have been having a water fight with the neighbor kids all morning and now are resting and watching a movie! And my littlest one can actually get a good nap since she doesn't have to get woken up to pick anyone up from school! It is the best!
I also LOVE that I can warm all my yummy Spring and Summer Scents! I am a clean, fruity smell kind of girl so I LOVE when I put some fresh Camu Camu in my Scentsy warmer! Have you tried the new Honey, Do! or Groovy Grapefruit!?! Delicious! Why not freshen your Scentsy warmer today with something yummy and full of Summer! Happy Summer everyone!

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